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Heartwood Artisans

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Professional Furniture Maker
in Sacramento



  Heartwood Artisans is a custom woodworking business specializing in building with hardwood and live edge lumber. With over 10 years of experience, owner and artisan Dave has a deep understanding and passion for working with natural wood to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.


  From furniture to home decor, Heartwood Artisans creates works of art that seamlessly blend function and aesthetic. With a focus on live edge materials, every piece is unique and tells its own story through the knots, grains, and natural imperfections of the wood. Come see the magic of wood come to life with Heartwood Artisans.

Our Services



Zoom meetings

We walk you through the process over Zoom meetings, to ensure that you get exactly what you desire.


Dining Tables, Bars, benches and more

We specialize in building Live edge and dimensional tables out of your wood of choice.  Using Epoxy resin to fill any voids or cracks ensures that each piece we make, will last for generations to come.


Custom projects

We also accept custom projects, such as repurposing a piano into a bar cabinet, redwood bench built around a tree, and so much more 



A collection of projects we've built with passion



Get to Know Us

David Longenecker is a self-taught artisan who has fine-tuned his woodworking craft and is building beautiful live edge tables in Sacramento for his business, Heartwood Artisans. Live edge tables are unique pieces of furniture made from solid slabs of wood, where the natural edge of the tree is preserved, creating a stunning organic look.

David started his business Heartwood Artisans after he discovered his passion for woodworking. With no prior experience in woodworking, David taught himself how to work with wood and build beautiful and functional pieces of furniture. Over time, he has developed a unique style and approach to his work, which has made his creations highly desired by the public.

Each piece of furniture that David creates is unique and handcrafted, making it one-of-a-kind. He uses locally sourced and sustainably harvested wood, ensuring that his work has a low impact on the environment. He carefully selects each piece of wood, and with his keen eye for detail, he brings out the beauty of the wood grain and natural edge, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood.

David's live edge tables are a testament to his skill and passion for woodworking. They are functional pieces of art that are built to last. The natural edge and wood grain of each table is a beautiful addition to any home and adds a touch of natural beauty to any space. Whether you are looking for a dining table, coffee table, or a statement piece for your living room, David's live edge tables are a perfect choice.

In conclusion, David Longenecker and his business Heartwood Artisans are an excellent example of a self-taught artisan who has turned his passion into a successful business. His beautiful live edge tables are highly desired by the public and are a testament to his skill, creativity, and passion for woodworking. If you're in the market for a unique and beautiful piece of furniture, consider a live edge table from Heartwood Artisans.


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3200 El Camino Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95821

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